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  5. By becoming an active member on punchinggrace.com and by paying the monthly amounts regularly, you will have access to 80 fights minimum per year, 5 galas including live ones, 1 documentary per month, training videos, footage of behind the scenes, library containing many old fights including library of Interbox’s years. Certain additional broadcast will incur additional fees and will then be charged on top of the monthly membership payments.
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  15. We will do our best to make sure that the streaming is clear and accurate, but we cannot guarantee it at all times and we are not responsible if our provider or the system fails at any point in time, during the streaming of an event, or while watching a video, report, documentary, interview, etc. and if the connection cuts. We recommend a high speed connexion to obtain better results. You renounce to claim special damages and interests, indirects and consecutives, and renounce to join any type of class action recourse.
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